December 2015 Update.

Hello my friends :)  Well here we are at the end of another year - 2015. We wonder where the time has flown to, and I am sure this has nothing to do with age!! :)
I  hope you have had a lovely Christmas and wish you all the very best for the New Year 2016. 
This has been a wonderful year of fun, family, music and travel and I typically have enjoyed it all. 
August: Mackay Sharon Heaslip Show - got to share the stage with my good friend John Quinn and had a lovely afternoon of plans, songs and 'winging' it but pleased as punch at the great rollup of attendees. 
September: Ian and I took to the road to visit family and friends in NSW on our way to Mildura Festival in VIC. Approx image distance travelled from Mid Sept to Mid Nov with all the festivals was well over 10,000km. It's a big wonderful country we live in. We had the wonderful joy of meeting up with all our girls and their partners in Wagga Wagga at a darling cousins wedding. What a joy that was - we calculated it was over 3 years since we had all been together as a family unit, sad as they are so young  but that is the way of life when you grow your children up to fly and that they did. (2 in Melbourne Vic, and 1 in WA outback) That was certainly the highlight for Ian and myself. Family is the most important in life. After wedding it was madly off to Mildura.
October: Mildura Country Music Festival - a wonderful festival with mixed venues, performances, artists and wonderful natural settings. All with the common love of country music and it's wonderful big family. I had the pleasure of catching up with old friends I hadn't seen for so long and making new friends amongst the talented artists and fans. A wonderful festival to attend. I can't speak highly enough of the organisation and co-ordination of it all, the radio promotion and support and the smooth running of so many venues and people. 
Next off to Bedgerabong - near Forbes in Central West NSW. A wonderful personal festival of country music set in natural country settings at the Bedgerabong Race Track. We loved every moment made more special by the attendance of family and cousins and friends I hadn't seen for so long. That is our old stomping ground of initial country music shows and club nights. I totally recommend this festival.
Then back in the car and racing madly through high hay fever country to QLD - Munna Creek Festival - near Gympie QLD (and my sister's house) to a great fun friendly festival of country music. This is our second year attending there and a great time was had by all. It's a personal little festival set in the country area of Munna Creek with wonderful Qld weather. Great line up of artists also and the music fed the soul once again. (a good old case of hay fever galore made the performances interesting but people are so caring and forgiving :) 
Home and back at work momentarily with little performances as promised - including an afternoon tea show, originally planned for a handful of ANZAC diggers here in the Pioneer Valley, Mackay area which grew into over 50 ppl attending where I got to sing some old 1940-50's songs of the war era that I love but don't often get to sing. For them it was special and I am privileged to make a difference to them in some way. We are to always be eternally grateful for what our ANZACs did for us.
November: off to Pittsworth new Toowoomba QLD for the Gidgee Coal Bush Ballad Awards - where I was blessed to be a finalist in categories Female Vocal for "The Drought"(Congratulations Kylie Castle) and Collaboration with Keith Jamieson "Further Out" (Congratulations Gunbarrel Highwaymen). This is a show not to be missed annually and was great to see so many CM friends and family. My highlight of the weekend was to sing a set of songs personally and acoustically with Alisha Smith - who has a magical touch with the guitar. One of those times of personal satisfaction after a performance, I will remember it :) 
December : off to Melbourne VIC for our eldest daughters RMIT uni Graduation where I got to spend time with both of our eldest girls and their partners prior to Christmas.
New year brings a busy work load as I am administration involved in the commencement of new junior Doctors at MBH, then off to Bungendore NSW in Feb for the Stan Coster Memorial Bush Ballad Awards as Finalist Collaboration with Keith Jamieson "Further Out"

Tamworth is January 2016 but I will miss this sadly, although I have 2 semi finalist songs written by myself and on my new album A YEAR OF FIRSTS #ayearoffirsts#. 
With Love for My Lord - Gospel, Grandma Doing Bootcamp - Comedy. Both are semi finalists in the TSA Tamworth Songwriters Association Awards. I am a fledgling songwriter so am pleased as punch and know the songwriting industry is very strong. 
"The Drover and The Brumby" off my album and written by Graham Howle and released as a single has ben on the CM Radio Charts debut at 13 in Sept and stayed in the charts for a few weeks. Wonderful indeed. 
I just want to thank everyone so much, country music radio, friends, fans and family for all the support to me and of course know that it is the work of God for these blessings. 
NEWS FLASH - We are going to be GRANDPARENTS in April 2016 :) Excited xoxoxo

I wish you well and will talk to you soon xoxoxo