15 May 2015

Sharon has recorded a new album of Australian songs through Kross Kut Records, Lindsay Waddington. This album has been a culmination of years of thoughts and ideas, finally put into song by Sharon. 

The title song, A Year Of Firsts, Turning Gravel Into Gold, Bricks and Halls and Walls and bluegrass With Love For My Lord written by Sharon. There’s co write on Heartbreak and Hurting and A Soldier’s Picture and Collaboration with Keith Jamieson and Alisha Smith with Norma O’Hara Murphy’s song Further Out. Other special songs chosen by Sharon to compliment this wonderful album include Pam Thomasson’s, Walk Me Home Precious Lord and Don’t Ever Stop Holding My Hand,
Joyce Stewart’s The Drought, modern bush ballad by Graham Howle Drover and the Brumby and Bush Poet Gary Fogarty’s Until I Saw It In Your Eyes.   A Year of Firsts was written from the raw emotion of losing loved ones, seeing friends lose partners and children and family moving away. It is raw, sad and very real – all the emotions that go with loss of some sort. But, like life itself, you have to move on, you have to go forward with strength and support from family. I encourage you to fly with this song.  Turning Gravel Into Gold was written with cousins in mind on the grain farms in CW NSW, but then also for all our friends on the land,  you keep going, you make lemonade out of lemons every day. 
Bricks and Halls and Walls is a story about the demolishing of Mackay Base Hospital (where Sharon has worked for years as admin) and then the view again, you have to look forward, embrace change. It’s like that for all our old buildings that the powers that be tend to throw away and not care about preserving. It also reflects the thoughts of those who have seen our old homes go to ruin over time.  Standing With Love For My Lord was written Bluegrass style as a reflection as pure joy at having the love of God in her life. How fortunate to be able to have such joy.
In past years Sharon has concentrated on raising her family in the Pioneer Valley, west of Mackay QLd. Now with her daughters grown and moved away, Sharon has opened the floodgates of her music creativity. It seemed like all the bits and pieces of life accumulated have been mixed into one bucket just for this album and this moment. With the unending love and support of her husband Ian, Sharon is having a good Australian go. Exciting times ahead.
Working with Lindsay (Waddo) Waddington has been extraordinary and rewarding as they have been good friends and colleagues for years. Now they have created an outstanding album of songs that will appeal to a broad range of discerning country music lovers.
People can preorder the CD - $25.00.