Hello my friends - hoping this finds you all well and good. 
Well, my new album "A Year Of Firsts" has certainly been successfully released (June 16) and my tracks have been enjoyed all over Australia, - actually all over the world - thanks to many community radios live streaming and also many thanks to Mark Eckal at Mildura and the great live streaming station of OZCMR. I have really enjoyed meeting so many country music fans from so many interesting places. I am also veery pleased to say, my loyal fans here have enjoyed this collection of songs too, and that is very special to me. 
So let me tell you about the songs: 
WITH LOVE FOR MY LORD: I wrote this at lunchtime at work one day - hearing the traditional sound of bluegrass and harmonies but wanting to capture a song that showed just how happy I am to be standing, singing, living in the love of my Lord :) 
A YEAR OF FIRSTS: Everyone will have been or will be going through a loss or a change of someone in their life. It hurts deeply, and everything you do from that moment on is the first time, without that person with you, be it going to bed, shopping, business, social.... you don't want to leave your sanctuary but you have to and it still hurts but you do it, because life goes on, it has to. Then when you can, as you can, you look forward, move forward and live life as you are supposed to on this earth, and if you can, shine. 
TURNING GRAVEL INTO GOLD: Written about our family of wheat farmers in CWest NSW - the ups and downs, joy and toil then retirement of the farmer and his connection to his land and his tenacity - making good - damn sure that he could..
BRICKS & HALLS & WALLS: I wrote this one day as I watched the old Mackay Base Hospital being demolished to make way for the new one. Saw that it meant something to many people in some way, but also saw that you need to embrace the change and make your memories in the new building. Its the same in your old home as time goes on.....
GRANDMA DOING BOOTCAMP: hahahaha I hope you have a great giggle. This is my take on the money industry of keeping fit - but seen through my eyes as a 'mature' person who sees the funny side of it all - true story ......:)
HEARTBREAK & HURTING: a co-write with Dave Oliver - a classic Nashville sound - nothing like a heart ache to make a good country song :)
 A SOLDIER'S PICTURE: a co-write with Bush Poet Ray Essary, I was captivated by this story when I first heard Ray recite it. I am passionately proud of Australia and ANZACs and I understand the significance of the pictures of our soldiers - especially the long ingering love kept. So, as age shall not weary them nor time forget...
THE DROUGHT:  Written by Joyce Stewart - my heart aches for the plight of our drought affected farmers...if only it would rain.
THE DROVER & THE BRUMBY: Written by Graham Howle. A great action song with a mesmerising story and the spirit of the brumby who could not be captured ...
DON'T EVER STOP HOLDING MY HAND: Written by Pam Thomasson - an old fashioned song, captured my heart and romantic side, as I long to be like so many with the love of my life forever...
WALK ME HOME PRECIOUS LORD: Written by Pam Thomasson - I love gospel songs and this song is joyous in a true Nashville sound. How special.
 FURTHER OUT: Written by Norma O'Hara Murphy - my collaboration with my great friends Keith Jamieson & Alisha Smith :) this suited me perfectly - get me out in the country - further out.

It has been a wonderful year of surprises and trips and festivals. 
May 2015 : had a wonderful time as usual at Bouldy Bush Ballad Bash (Bouldercombe near Rockhampton QLD) - great crowd, atmosphere, weather - although the previous days took some annexes off vans. Our great friends Keith Jamieson & Alisha Smith work tirelessly for all the people involved, big hugs thanks xoxoxo  
Then off to Coad's Country Muster in Bundaberg - a late minute addition to the program and what a terrific show that is - great camping, people and again, talent. I am booked to appear there again next year.
Then off to Rockhampton then back to Mackay for a show with Kross Kut Studios, Waddo, Lex K, Ken Lindsay & John Kilcullen. Great fun and thanks to everyone for their support.
I am putting on a show here in Mackay on 23 August, then off September and October to Mildura Country Music Festival, Bedgerabong Festival and then Munna Creek Country Music Festival. That makes short work of the year!!!

That's the music side - all good fun and in addition to my F/T admin work and family life.
I wish you well my friends, and for new friends - hello and welcome to our world :) Tell your festival organisers about me - get me to your shows, to your land and areas :)
take care xoxoxo Sharon